About PulseArm


PulseArm gives the advantage, the edge, and the bragging rights to you, because it allows you to feel more bites.

Simple to use, affordable, and easy to learn, PulseArm makes the rod an extension of your body and blends with your own technique to take you to the next level.


1. Strap It On.

Just slip PulseArm over the hand you’ll use to hold the rod. Secure the flexible strap on the outside of your forearm, with the receiver on the inside.


2. Set The Rod

After making your cast, insert the butt of the rod into the wide end of the receiver.


3. Fish Your Way

Notice the increase in vibrations you sense as you play the rod. The lure, the bottom – and the fish – give you more feedback than you’ve ever felt before.

Now it’s time to take advantage of the edge that PulseArm gives you.  Cradle the rod in your fingertips and still keep control.  Feel the bottom, the lure and the bite all the way through the rod.  Notice the ease and leverage when you work the lure, nothing else brings you close to the fish.

A secret weapon for inshore anglers developed by a devoted fisherman who started thinking differently.